How to Tell If Pearls Are Real

Have you ever wondered what the difference between real pearls and imitation pearls are? In this guide, our experts at Matara Studio will take you through how to tell real pearls apart from imitation pearls. Starting from how to tell if a pearl is a real one from their nacre and the natural shape of pearls, this is a guide every pearl lover should not miss. 

What do real pearls look like?

1. Real pearls are imperfect in shape

If you look carefully at the shape of a real pearl, you will find that its natural shape is not perfectly round. Natural pearls have unique shapes such as baroque (abstract) and semi-baroque pearls (semi-abstract) that are created by nature as beautiful imperfections. 

2. Real pearls have a shiny finish

The luster of real pearls is an undeniable charm that has made it a popular accessory for women all over the world. You too can notice this difference with the naked eye because the luster of real pearls will appear when the light hits it. The main types of pearls can be categorized as follows:

  • Freshwater pearls are commonly found in freshwater sources, such as lakes or a reservoir, unlike cultured pearls that are bred by breeders.
  • Saltwater pearls are commonly found in natural saltwater sources and are fertilized by breeders. This includes South Sea pearls, Akoya pearls and Tahitian pearls. All of which are premium grade pearls selected by Matara Studio especially for you.

3. Take two pearls and rub them together

Unlike plastic pearls, real pearls do not have a smooth surface. Real natural pearls have a rough skin, therefore, there is friction when two real pearls get rubbed together. 

4. The iridescent color of real pearls

This observation is an easy way to tell if a pearl is real or not. You can easily detect the difference between a real and an artificial pearl with the naked eye without any special equipment as real pears tend to have a variety of iridescent overtone colors, such as green, purple, gold, pale pink, and other colours. 

The difference between real and imitation pearls

For those who have little free time, you can quickly check how to tell real pearls from fake ones from this comparison table below. 

Real pearlsImitation pearls
Natural imperfections in shapeUnusually perfect in shape
Surface is rough and stiff when abrasion is appliedSmooth and slippery surface
There are a variety of iridescent colorsNo iridescent
Has a little weightWeightless

3 Basic shapes of real pearls

We intend to search for world-class quality genuine pearls to create classic accessories that you can wear on any occasion. With the unique design at Matara Studio, we are able to meet the needs of every girl fascinated by real pearls.

We can classify the basic shapes of pearls into 3 shapes:

1. The classic round pearl that won the hearts of girls around the world

2. Symmetrical pearls that is suitable for girls who like to be perfect and neat

3. Baroque pearls (Abstract) have a unique shape. With its asymmetrical shape, it is attractive to women who like to be different and can confidently reflect who they are!

Buy genuine premium grade pearls from Matara Studio

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