Fine Jewelry

Fine Jewelry

Our fine jewelry utilizes special varieties of pearls from around the world, inlaid into our jewelry with diamonds, perfection and expertise. Ready to help you create your unique look that will capture the eyes of anyone walking past you. 

Reflect your character through fine jewelry

Choose fine jewelry that best matches your character. At Matara Studio we are ready to present you with a variety of luxurious and unique fine jewelry designs at the starting price of only 60,000 Baht. Matara Studio is a world-class fine jewelry brand that selects only the finest saltwater pearls like Akoya pearls, Tahitian pearls, South Sea pearls, as well as selected freshwater pearls for you to wear on special occasions with confidence. 

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Choose fine jewelry fit for you at Matara Studio

Matara Studio is happy to serve everyone who loves fine jewelry. We invite you to experience a special day of purchasing fine jewelry by yourself with our experts and experience an after-sales service that is sure to impress you.

Matara Studio is happy to give you advice on choosing the perfect fine jewelry, whether for yourself or as a gift for others

Enjoy convenient and friendly advice from our pearl experts. We help you choose fine jewelry for you and your loved ones on special occasions. Matara Studio is located at Central Embassy and Mandarin Oriental, or through online channels such as our website every day. Or you can add us on LINE as well.



Q: What makes the Matara Fine Jewelry Collection different from other collections?

A: The highlight of this collection is that the jewelry is made up of white gold decorated with diamonds and Akoya pearls. It is a special collection designed by Matara Studio and S.Maneephand.


Q: What kind of pearls does Matara Studio’s pearl jewelry use?

A: Matara Studio uses pearls that are farmed or in other words cultured. This includes freshwater pearls, saltwater pearls, as well as natural pearls all of which are available at our jewelry stores. 


Q: What qualities make a good pearl?

A: Good quality pearls can be seen from the luster of the pearl’s surface. When you gaze at the pearl, your reflection should be clearly visible on the surface of the pearl, but if you see that the pearls look whiter or duller than usual, it shows that the pearls are of poor quality.


Q: Which pearl is the most expensive?

A: The South Sea Pearl is the most valuable and expensive pearl today. It’s a pearl that has a shiny surface in both white and gold shades.


Q: Does Matara Studio’s pearl jewelry have a pearl quality certificate?

A: Matara Studio’s pearls have a quality guarantee from GIA that specifies important details of the pearls, including their quality.