Girl With a Pearl Earring 398,500

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    Girl With a Pearl Earring

    French artist Djiango’s work of repainting iconic women portraits with pearls is a powerful act of representation and empowerment for women. Djiango’s artwork is visually striking with his verticality movement style and by incorporating pearls into these portraits, Djiango adds an element of luxury and opulence to these iconic women, calling attention to their strength and resilience in the face of adversity.

    The use of pearls also adds a layer of complexity to these portraits, as they have often been used as a symbol of wealth, power, and status throughout history. Through Djiango’s work, we see these women in a new light – as powerful and influential figures in their own right, not just in relation to the men around them.

    Moreover, Djiango’s repainting of these portraits with pearls reclaims the female gaze. Throughout history, women’s sexuality have been subjugated to male desires. By emphasizing the pearls in these portraits, Djiango is redirecting the viewer’s gaze to the women themselves, highlighting their beauty, strength, and agency.

    Ultimately, Djiango’s artwork is a powerful act of representation and empowerment for all women. By celebrating the strength, beauty, and resilience of these iconic women, he is reminding us that we too have the power to redefine beauty standards, challenge societal norms, and stand tall in our own skin. Through his art, Djiango is inspiring us to embrace who we are and to never let anyone dim our light.

    Artist: Djiango
    Material: Acrylic Painting on Aluminum
    Size: 100 x 60 cm

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Girl With a Pearl Earring 398,500

Starting bid: ฿ 85,000

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